Features of BioSurvey

Gain access to 3,000 Japanese life science researchers through web-based surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews to evaluate:

  • Understanding Japan’s bio researcher needs for new products and services.
  • Identify reasonable price range and estimated quantity of consumption.
  • Identify high-demand applications.
  • Comparative analysis of competitive products and applications
  • Define possible market segments
  • Measure promotion effects

Our list contains over 3000 of the leading life science researchers in Japan.

Students are excluded from the list.

Very high response rate.

Our database only includes researchers who have agreed to cooperate in surveys. This is proven by the number of responses to a questionnaire (average 150 -400 per survey), which is equal to the rate from a 20,000-person promotional purpose database.

Possible to provide neutral and reliable data.

BioSurvey is an anonymous survey to eliminate any bias from results. Our report consists of numerical data without ambiguity.

Profile of the respondents

94% of the respondents take part in the purchasing process.

Accurate representation of the market
- This is proved by the questionnaire respondents who provide an accurate representation of Japan's entire biotech research market.

Purchasing Power



Figures are the average of the previous survey’s results.

Track Record of BioSurvey

Trends of Genome Research in Japan and Opportunities for NGS (Next Generation Sequencer) Market
Trends and Opportunities of Antibody and Purification Tool Market in Japan
Trends of Cell Biology Research in Japan and Market Opportunities for New Research Instrument
Trends of Regenerative Medicine Research in Japan and Market Opportunities for New Cell Culture Reagent
Comparison of Brand Strengths and Product Awareness of Biotech Research Tool Suppliers in Japan
Trends of Glyco Biology Research in Japan and Market Opportunities for New Research Support Service

BioSurvey 実施費用

  • 目標パネル数 100名の場合:120万円(税別)より
  • 詳細はお問い合わせください


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