biobiz consulting

We provide marketing solutions for Life Science and Biotech businesses

BioAssociates is a business creation and marketing support company, exclusively focusing on the Japanese Life Science and Biotech businesses. We provide a business consulting and marketing solutions which is most appropriate for the Japanese markets.

We are supporting:
  • BioTool companies
  • New entrants for bio business
  • Public bio clusters
  • Public research institutes
  • TLO
  • Functional foods and cosmetics

Features of BioBiz Consulting.

Consulting in advanced biotool businesses.

We provide a business consulting and marketing support service which is most appropriate for the Japanese bio-marketplace.
  • Business planning support
  • Business partnering
  • Intellectual property rights management
  • Sales channel management
  • Contact to KOL
NGS, Single Cell, Digital PCR, DNA microarray, Transfection reagents, Bio-imaging, Protein arrays, Peptide synthesis, Real-time PCR, Carbohydrate Analysis, Cell assays, Cell culture, mass spectrometry, Genetic analysis, X-ray crystal structure analysis, Software etc.

Consulting in healthcare industries for the Japanese bio-marketplace.

We support to develop your business in functional foods and cosmetics fields
  • Research new bio-active natural compounds
  • Research new application of natural ingredients
  • Scientific evidence reviews
  • Communication planning
Functional Materials for Food and Cosmetics,Diagnostic Services etc.

We appreciate your interest in BioAssociates.

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